Hi fellow earthling!

I'm Gaetan Masson, a digital product designer living somewhere on earth.
I have a passion for solving problems and creating meaningful user interactions.

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Creating a cutting edge digital product requires extensive research and analysis of everything surrounding it. Every user is unique. Each one will show different behaviours, believes and attitudes depending of his age, gender, location and religion. This investigation process allows us to ensure that we are actively solving the right problem with the right approach. Upon this initial and most critical stage completed we move to our next step: user-centred design.


Conceiving seamless websites or applications is most successful when done with an integrative mindset. It is not a rigid linear process but rather an iterative cyclic one. My favourite solution is a modern and innovative approach called design sprints developed by Google Venture. To produce the best results, they should include all stakeholders including clients, developers and marketing. After an initial design solution has been selected, it is time to move to test-driven development.


Producing a top of the line digital product requires constant testing and iterations. This is exactly the main benefit that agile development brings us. This work process allows both designers and developers to be really reactive when and issue arise. They can quickly go back to researching and iterating on the design board before making evidence based decisions. This smooth flowing method let them quickly modifying the product with minimum friction until they can deliver the best user experience possible.

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Sadly I'm currently not available for freelance work.

But if you have a project you would like to discuss with me, if you want to ask a question about my work or if you just want to say hi, get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.