Agency website

Type:Agency website
Collaboration:WebCreek Tech

WebCreek website redesign was the first task I was assigned to during my collaboration with WebCreek Tech. As an in house project, we had carte blanche to produce the best possible website in less two months, development included. After some a week of research, Pedro,  the creative director, and I decided to really provide users with a crafted experience. We aimed to take them on a journey painting the best of what WebCreek offers. We started working on the UX with a mobile first approach. Every screen had to look perfect when visited from an iPhone or an iMac. The content had to be the most important element of the page while the design itself would be here to support it.

Following a few UX brainstorming and wireframing sessions, we  agreed on each section’s structure. We then decided to make extensive use of WebCreek’s talented animators skills. We selected the latest web technologies and used them to craft an immersive experience for the user. We used bold colours and typography to put forward our constant desire for innovation and disruption. This project was a blast to be part of. I hope to have the opportunity to work with WebCreek again some time in the future.


Mobile application

Client:BIMA Indonesia
Type:Mobile application
Collaboration:PT Cerise
Link:Bima indonesia

Doktermu android application is one of the best project I have been working on so far. All started early 2016, we had just finished to redesign BIMA Indonesia website when they came back to us with a potential application.  BIMA is a Swedish micro insurance and health service company operating in developing countries. As soon as they mentioned the idea of creating an health service application for Indonesia, we were hooked and could see the huge potential for such a product.

The central feature of Doktermu is to allow users to request a doctor call. Following the request, one of BIMA certified doctor call back users and provide them with direct health advice. That alone is a game changer in a country where access to quality health services is currently limited. The product doesn’t claim to fully replace a one on one doctor appointment. Instead it can provide a real value to the user by direct them to the right solution and save them a lot of time and money.

We are running this project with a agile methodology. We released the first version after only one month of design and development. This open beta version had only limited features and lab testing. This method allowed us to test, tweak and reapeat with real data from real users until we had a solid base to build on. As of October 2016 we are now working on the release of the 3rd major version of the application. It contains some new features and a lot of improvement of the doctor on call. We have more than 15.000 download in the play and 4.5 star rating. I can’t wait to consult again on this project!


Corporate website

Client:PT Produk Rekreasi
Type:Corporate website
Collaboration:PT Cerise

Kid’sFun redesign and modernisation is one of the biggest web design project I have worked on. Kids’Fun is one of Indonesia largest leisure parks situated in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The project had for starting point an existing corporate website. This ageing version was more than ten years old and needed a good refresh. After meeting the client, we decided to split the existing website into three. Each new website would focus on one side of the business: theme park, gokart and corporate.

We started the design process with the client. We agreed on the old features to keep and the new ones to create. The most exciting one by far was designing the gokart championship system. After that I began sketching different ideas. The first major decision was to give all three websites the same feel. Users had to feel they were in different room of the same building. The client was straight away enthusiast about our propositions and we quickly agreed on the wireframes. I then produced pixel perfect mockups which were send to the development team.

Kid’sFun has now three fully functional modern responsive website to showcase their awesome theme park. Being part of the team on this project was a blast! We had carte blanche for almost all design decisions and working with Roel has been one the best interaction I had with a client to date.


Web application (in development)

Type:Web application (in development)
Collaboration:PT Cerise

Kotabagus is a new Indonesian online directory. It is based on its little brother Jogjabagus which have been operating locally in Yogyakarta for more than 5 years. Unlike Jogjabagus, Kotabagus will be Indonesia wide and therefor will bring its value to much more users. This national version aim to fill the void which currently exist in Indonesia. Local people are usually not really tech savvy and don’t register their business in google or other online tools. They have little to no online presence. Kotabagus will not only help local businesses to be known on a wider scale but will help locals to more efficiently find the products and services they need in a opaque and crowded market too.

We are currently working on a second version of the online directory. This new version will take advantage of the latest best practices. The design will allow the product to be fully responsive across all devices and offer users a streamlined experience. We want all processes from registering a new business to search in the directory for one to be as seamless and simple as possible. After finishing this new visual redesign, we already have many new features we would like to test and implement. It is a great pleasure to work on such an interesting valuable product. Stay tuned for more updates on Kotabagus evolution!